Best Wireless Earphones Under 2000 In India 2020

Today we will talk about the choice of better earphones within our budget. So these are the best earphones that come within Rs 2,000, whose audio experience is different from the rest and the best…

Nowadays, most people stick to mobile phones during travel or in free time. For this reason, the demand for earphones in the market has also increased. The demand for wireless neckband earphones is being seen more as compared to wire earphones. In such a situation, we have brought some special neckband earphones for you which can be your choice in terms of their price features and sound.

Audio is such a part of our life that it matters a lot while listening to music, watching movies, watching TV, listening to FM. In today’s multimedia era, if we buy a feature phone too, then check how its audio is, how the sound is heard when the call is received and made. It has been observed that we spend a lot of money on smartphones, but when it comes to earphones, most of the users adopt a ‘good’ attitude.

Best Wireless Earphones Under 2000 In India 2020

Envent Boombud On-The Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

The Envent Boombud Bluetooth headphones give you audio output in a great way. This over-the-ear headphone offers very fast, natural and ear-friendly audio. By adjusting the headband above, you can get a comfortable grip according to your head. The build quality of the headphones is also very good. Here you also have a built-in microphone so that you can talk on the call comfortably.

The connectivity range of the headphones here is about 30 feet and once fully charged, this device is capable of giving you 10 hours of continuous audio output. Here is a USB cable for charging headphones. The most attractive feature here is that you can connect them to 2 mobile phones simultaneously. Apart from this, the option to reduce the power off / on and volume buttons are given.

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realme Buds Wireless in-Ear Bluetooth with mic

Realme Buds wireless earphones are considered much better because of the clear and heavy bass sound. Their price is kept at 1799 rupees. Their design is premium. They have been designed in such a way that they can be used for a long time. In the case of sound, they do not give a chance to be disappointed. Its weight is light and it is also fun to use.

This earphone has a large 110mAh battery which means if you charge this earphone for 10 minutes, you can use this device for the next 100 minutes.

Pebble Urbane Bluetooth Wireless Neckband Earphone

If you like listening to clear and heavy bass music, then Pebble’s new wireless neckband earphones can be your choice. The Urbane wireless neckband earphone comes with a soft silicone neckband, it is slightly thicker but lighter. In this, the company has used good quality. The Pebble Urbane is equipped with a large 150 mAh battery that provides 300 hours of standby time and 12 hours of playtime. Pebble Urbane will be available only in premium black. It costs Rs 1,999. You can buy it from all major online and offline stores.

Fiio F1 and Fiio F3 –

Few people knew this Chinese brand before. On the basis of its performance, Fio made a mark in a short time. The Fio F1 and Fio F3 are the cheapest earphones in the company’s line-up. These earphones come equipped with a 3 button remote and mic. Silicon ear tips and 1 carry case are also available together. Of the two, you will get a much better voice in Fio F1. Also, it can be experienced in better fluctuation, strong base and harmonic treble. Talking about the Fio F3, these are V-shaped earphones, which are especially known for the base. For pop, R&B and Bollywood songs, these will really prove to be worth your money.

SoundMagic ES 18S

The cheapest and best earphones also include the name SoundMagic ES 185. Buying these would be a better option than the baseless earphones that come with most smartphones. These earphones priced at Rs 800 are equipped with a single-button remote and mic. The wire used in these does not get tangled. The build quality is better and in terms of sound, they are also fantastic. Sound fluctuations are strong. They can be purchased from e-commerce site Amazon India.

RHA MA 390

If the budget is low, the RHA MA 390 is also a better option in the earphone range. Along with the sound, they come with a premium look. A better option would be to buy these earphones equipped with a solid aluminium body, no tangled wires and great sound. In a higher budget, it is better to have a stronger base earphones. Their sound output is balanced. These are really worth the deal for those who want base music.

SoundMagic E10C

Soundmagic E10C is known for its smooth shape and beautiful voice. It has a 3 button remote, mic. Also, they work well in both iOS and Android smartphones. These earphones are made of metal, whose sound experience is excellent in this budget. However, their sound is not neutral. The cable quality is a bit weak and the base may seem overpriced to some users. Priced at Rs 1,600, they come with a choice of cover, shirt clip and 6 ear tips.

Sennheiser CX 1.00

The name of Senhizer is very famous in the earphones / headphones world. The company’s CX 1.00 is the best earphone in the price range of this German company. Like the Fio F3, they come in V shape. You will find better jugalbandi of bass and treble. In this budget, you may like this product of Senhizer. These earphones come with 4 silicone ear tips. Along with this, you get 1.2mm cable, headphone jack. Pop, R&B, EDM and Bollywood songs can be enjoyed better.

1More Piston Classic

The next and last name in this list is 1 Peacock Piston Classic Earphones. These in-ear earphones of 1 Peacock are triple driver earphones, which can prove to be worth your money. The earphones that come with Kevlar fibre have a 3 button remote and mic. Aluminium has been used in its manufacture. You will get tips with them, as well as a carry case. You can buy them online for Rs 1,500.

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