Best Hybrid Sim Adapters In India [2020 Edition ]

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Hybrid SIM slots are very famous in terms of today’s smartphones, and no longer handiest due to the fact they’re so smooth to apply. True, popping them from the facet of your phone via putting a paper clip certain beats opening the returned panel, then taking the battery out, and setting the card s into separate slots.

But they introduced something lots more – the potential to area both two SIM playing cards at once, or one SIM, and one SD card. Of course, human beings desired all of it, and sooner or later, a new, convenient invention appeared, so right here are 10 high-quality hybrid SIM adapters you must do not forget. Here at we have reviewed the top 10 best hybrid sim adapters of 2020.

Best Hybrid Sim Adapters

Best Hybrid Sim Adapters 2020

Our team has researched on top 25 models, undergone 72 hours of research, and consulted 4 experts before coming to the list of Best Hybrid Sim Adapters. So, be rest assured you are going to get the best option here.

1. Asteroid India Hybrid SIM Slot Adapter (Gold)

This is probably the one you should trust the most, virtually. Amazon deemed Asteroid the Best Seller within the Mobile Phone Replacement Parts category. Nearly 1600 customer opinions and over 1000 solutions with an excellent famous person overview simply further proves the factor. Not handiest is it always in inventory, however, it’s dependable and the vendor is responsive and energetic. It supports the same signal bandwidth as your original SIM slot, and as you could see, it’s quite thin. If your smartphone’s again panel may be opened, you can simply conceal it at the back of a cover, because it’s easily foldable and relatively resilient.

2. Sahoprt Hybrid Double SIM Adapter

While this adapter is advertised as a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, 4, or 3s Pro, don’t allow it confuse you. There’s a extensive desire based totally at the hybrid SIM slot your modern-day telephone possesses, and whether it houses micro, mini, or SIM cards. Knowing that facts, you’ll must order an appropriate adapter. You’ll notice it has a bunch of tiny wires and connections going among two ends, and as you would possibly’ve concept, it can be quite fragile. But don’t worry, it’s no longer going to interrupt that effortlessly, despite the fact that put on and tear can be unfavourable. If you’re uncertain wherein to place everything – just take a look at the photos for explanation.

Items in this listing may fit unavailable or can also promote out over the period of time. We will try our first-rate to preserve the list updated. If you discover any of them unavailable, move for the opposite ones.

3. Boom Hybrid SIM Slot Adapter

Another viable alternative that absolutely makes use of the equal photos as the preceding one, however that’s due to the fact the process doesn’t exchange a bit, best the charge and the producer. They’re all quite affordable, and the handiest distinction will be the charge/value ratio – some adapters may have a greater resilient connection that could face up to more difficult each day scratches and wears. This adapter converts Nano to Nano-SIM cards and is made of plastic. Of path, including an SD card on pinnacle of this is the primary reason.

4. Kinganda Hybrid Double SIM Card Adapter

The manufacturer’s name is a bit harder to find, however 1500 orders on AliExpress, in addition to almost perfect effects from 1200 clients, must be all you need to recognize. Besides that, it includes a full step-through-step manual with images within the description so that you won’t experience helpless and with out a clue when it arrives at your step. It gives a few on hand motives down under if you’re not tech-savvy, despite the fact that the smartphone fashions are a piece old. All in all, our recommendations for this particular product.

5. Boom Hybrid SIM Slot 2 Adapter

The same manufacturer because the remaining one, however this one is supposed for Micro SD playing cards and converts Nano to Micro. It looks only a tiny bit different, but you’ll use it just the equal. Plug one aspect into the actual hybrid SIM slot and insert it with the other facet staying out of doors the cellphone. Then effortlessly region it at the backplate, or anyplace you locate it comfy and attempt to avoid scratching it through putting your telephone or harsh surfaces. The greater you contend with it, the longer you’ll be able to use its full set of capabilities.

6. MOBONE Hybrid SIM Slot Adapter

Another available adapter, which looks nearly same to the others, which is not any surprise. This agency is likewise straightforward, and their opinions speak volumes. There are unique costs and reductions all the time, specifically when there are only a few gadgets left, so that you need to take gain of that. When it involves capability, this adapter will convert your Nano to Nano or Nano to Micro slot.

7. Padraig Hybrid SIM Slot Adapter

While there aren’t too many pix gift, don’t allow that discourage you – almost 300 scores and sixty three opinions that have been positive have to convince you enough. Once once more, there are offers happening all of the time for items like these, and you may snatch yours at a reduced price. The adapter converts a Nano part of your slot into a slot of a micro SD card, and a few humans were surprised that it doesn’t include an eject pin. That shouldn’t be a problem, you have to’ve obtained one whilst you bought your telephone!

8. HAOHAN Hybrid SIM Slot Adapter

We’ve already mentioned the relationship between two sides can be fragile, and considering one component stands out of the telephone except you could place it underneath a lower back panel, you want some fail-safes. This is exactly the way – get five adapters so that you have something to fall again to in case of a disaster! Apart from that, you can select the type you need based on your cellphone, in addition to use some available coupons to lessen the rate in addition.

9. Aios Hybrid SIM Slot Adapter

If you’ve ever played on line MMORPGs, the name of the organisation, Aion Enterprises, will deliver returned a few glad reminiscences. Which might also be a purpose to select this one over many we previously referred to. And why wouldn’t you? Handy cut price codes and complete functionality to apply SIM cards and one Micro SD card is the purpose sufficient! While it doesn’t have many opinions, you is probably among the first customers to offer them a thumbs up.

10. Shivonic Hybrid SIM Slot Adapter

Just a heads up before you pass ahead and purchase this product – some humans stated of their overview that despite the fact that the photo says three.8 cm, the real duration is close to 2 cm, so you have to take that into attention. That’s because they’ve used an photograph of some other adapter to demonstrate the manner of placing one into your hybrid SIM slot. Apart from that, the response may be very superb, and those have had an amazing enjoy and will preserve to do so, we’re sure.

Hybrid Sim Adapters Buyer Guide

We’re witnessing era because it progresses, and it’s rapid. Sometimes it feels like the modifications manifest too quickly to even trap up, and also you heard phrases that aren’t acquainted to you, and you taken into consideration yourself tech savvy. There’s no shame in it, manufacturers try to beat the competition every yr with their latest version, and generally tend to feature functions that have been almost a fantasy. Just like audio system that use vibration so you may want to have a complete-sized display on the front, hybrid SIM slots are a thing of the destiny. Even although they have been introduced about two years ago with Samsung Galaxy S7 and different devices, you might still be wondering – what is hybrid SIM slot precisely?

Hybrid SIM slot clarification

Hybrid means a mixture of or maybe greater factors, species, and in this situation, cards. But which cards, precisely? First off, we have a SIM card that you must be familiar with, as it’s been with us for a long time. It’s the little card you acquire out of your mobile company to insert into your telephone. It allows you to have your own number that you could use to name or message friends and circle of relatives through SMS, MMS, and many others. Honestly, nowadays phone numbers are even required to use services like Viber and WhatsApp.

Now that we’ve were given that out of the way, permit’s circulate on to the alternative form of card that’s critical, and that is an SD card. That stands for a Secure Digital card and allows you to keep images, videos, textual content, and just any kind of file you’d have for your pc, as an example. They, too, have been round for a long time, and are nevertheless created in popular sizes, however they’ve changed plenty. The first and the most obvious trade is the storage size.

While 1GB turned into taken into consideration common, or maybe even large for a cell cellphone within the beyond, SD playing cards nowadays are usually inside the variety of 32GB up to 512GB. The other vital issue is the transfer pace of the information, which may be pretty fast. And finally, we’ve come to the subject of Hybrid SIM slot life. You see, up till recently, SIM cards and an SD card have been plugged in one by one, typically when you remove your battery. With the inclination to make telephones smaller in length, however don’t lose out on functions, producers created an empty pocket, normally on the side of your cellphone, that you can plug each your playing cards into.

Hybrid SIM slot vicinity and use

The slot is commonly located on the proper aspect of your telephone, underneath volume buttons. Of course, the exact area varies from smartphone to phone. Additionally, you would possibly notice a small empty hollow, much like a dot, and marvel why is it there in the first area? Well, if you check the container your phone came in, you would possibly word a wire molded into a shape that resembles a paper clip. If you are taking it out and insert it into the hollow, a small, drawer-like plastic slot will pop out.

That’s precisely what Hybrid SIM slot is, and as you could see, there are spaces for each your cards. But wait, that’s no longer the entire variety of skills! What if you purchased a phone with 128GB or even 256GB of internal reminiscence? An SD card probable won’t be beneficial to you, seeing that you’ve got sufficient area already. Well, the creators thought of that too, and will let you plug a 2nd SIM card in area of an SD one. That’s proper, you may now use numbers on one cellphone on the equal time!

Granted, you might have to get a mini or nano-SIM card to plug as your 2d, but your mobile company will get you one, usually freed from charge. And what’s exceptional – nothing is misplaced in case you go smaller – you’ll have a full variety of features for your second SIM card. You may or won’t wonder if it’s possible to plug each SIM cards AND an SD card. We’ll come up with an answer to meet your curiosity proper away. While it’s technically now not viable with the aid of default, and you’ll should pick, human beings all over the international already use special hybrid sim adapters to get this perk.

Hybrid SIM slot Pros and cons


It’s easier to plug your cards in. In the past, you had to take your lower back cowl off, and generally get rid of the battery to access both slots, then insert your playing cards. Taking those cards required you to have either lengthy nails or a paper clip, as they were in a weird region. Today, because it’s nearly impossible to take off your returned panel because you’ll break your cellphone’s waterproofing measures, the slot needed to be positioned on the facet. It’s clean to access – the “drawer” pops out proper away, and you can switch in a count number of seconds.
Waterproof and Water-resistant capabilities. Hybrid SIM slot changed into revolutionary and allowed these functions to be possible because you no longer had the want to look beneath the hood.
Saving space and bearing in mind higher specs. Since two slots were mixed into one, this supplied empty space to suit additional hardware like wireless charging, a bigger or higher digicam, additional sensors or surely higher processor, GPU, etc.


You need to use a specific form of a SIM card. That’s dictated by the manufacturer of your phone, and as an instance, you can simplest put micro and nano-SIM playing cards, etcetera. If you have a mini-SIM card, you’ll in all likelihood replace it. Luckily, your mobile issuer can provide every type, but it’s a touch a little bit of a problem.
You should choose between two SIM cards, or a SIM card and an SD card through default. Once again, people advanced a technique to this problem – you’ll have to shop for a further adapter that allows all 3 straight away.

In the end, now that you understand what hybrid SIM slot is, and what sort of it helped smartphone era increase, you couldn’t be angry at the adjustments. Important to recognize, not all phones include this feature by means of default, for instance, Apple’s phones don’t have this selection. But Samsung Galaxy S9, S8, S7 all aid this selection, and it’s obvious there are many happy clients. In the quit, nothing has changed -besides you need to throw your mini-SIM card out of the window and get a micro or a nano one, or each.

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