Best Cycles Under 20000 In India

Hello StrollUp users. Are you looking for Best Cycles Under 20000 In India? Here we have reviewed 20 plus models and listed down top 10 Cycles under 20k which you can buy in India.

You want to go for a pleasure ride or look to burn off some calories or maybe you just want to travel to your city or go on a weekend adventure trip. Well, in this publication we will review some of the best bikes in India under 20,000 and help you choose the perfect bike for your needs.

It’s often good to keep a predetermined budget in mind before you go shopping. So today I’ve created a list of the best bikes in India under 20,000 that you can buy online. This is a good enough budget if you are looking for a quality entry-level cycle in India.

I observed the following criteria when compiling the list:

  • The first criterion is very obvious that the cycles must be priced below Rs. 20,000
  • The overall quality of handling
  • Gear systems and their quality to facilitate driving on the road
  • Frame quality
  • Braking

If you are not looking to spend time reading the full list, you can simply opt for Montra Trance Pro. With this bike, you’ll get a really good deal. The ride quality and cycle construction is amazing when you look at the price you pay for it (less than 20,000 INR)

Best Cycles Under 20000 In India

After extensive research and review, we have listed some of the best bikes under the 20000 budget that are available in the Indian market.

Many factors have been considered when reviewing the bikes, including the quality of the brakes, gear system, suspensions, design and frame, and their performance on Indian roads and terrain.

Best Cycles Under 20000 Rs Review

Needless to say, cycling is an activity full of benefits, not only in terms of health but also as a recreational sport that increases mood and energy. In fact, in certain countries such as the Netherlands, there are more bicycles than the total number of residents living in the country! Indeed, cycling is not only health-friendly but also environmentally friendly and even financially rewarding.

1# Montra Trance

As revealed at the beginning of the article, I think this is the best bike in India under 20,000 at present. It’s a hybrid bicycle. Therefore, it is very versatile and can be used on almost any terrain. You can go to the office on paved roads during the day of the week and then take an off-road trail during the weekend.

This cycle is designed to meet the needs of riding on urban roads and therefore has an aluminum alloy frame that provides a stable driving experience.

The bike is very well built and robust. The quality of the ride is really good. You can use it for recreational rides in the park or for your daily commute to work/university.

It comes in sizes ranging from small to extra large, making it suitable for a wide range of age groups. It is a hybrid bike, which means it is also suitable for mountain roads. It has a flat grab handlebar to ensure an upright seat while riding. It has a slightly inclined front tube and mixed gears for higher speed. It comes in a variety of colours including matt black, grey, white, dark blue and burgundy red.

Key features

  • The frame is very well designed and built with mild steel.
  • The bike comes with 21 gears (Shimano). The shift mechanism used is thumb/fire shift lever
  • Tyre size is 26 inches. The wheel frame is made of double-reinforced alloy.
  • It uses normal wire brakes on the front and rear tyres.
  • It has a front suspension, so you can also ride this bike without much trouble on slightly bad roads.
  • The handlebars used are BMX style.

2# Hero Sprint Pro Doran

The well-known brand Hero produces some of the best bikes in India.

The Hero Sprint series undoubtedly manufactures the best, high quality, durable and reliable MTBs among its customers. That is why Hero has designed Hero Sprint Doran that meets all these needs.

The mechanical disc brakes provide you with a powerful braking system. The suspension lockout feature gives you extra speed by making the suspension rigid while driving on flat trails.

Equipped with the latest edition of Shimano gears that are really smooth when shifting. The handlebar is wide enough to give you a comfortable riding position

3# Hercules NFS Roadeo

This bike is ideal for teenagers or young at heart :). The decals used are really bright and colourful. You are sure to be noticed instantly on the road.

The bike, however, is very well built. It feels very durable and robust while riding. The best part about buying Hercules cycles is that you can find stores that can service this brand easily. The service and parts are also cheaper compared to some of the not so popular or foreign brands.

Key features

  • The frame used on this bike is made of mild steel.
  • The rear wheel of the bike uses a disc brake. While the front wheel uses a regular wire brake.
  • It comes with a decent front suspension. The handlebars used are BMX style.
  • The tire size is 26 inches. The rim is made of double-reinforced alloy.
  • The cycle has less gear compared to Montra Trance. This bike has 18 gears but uses the same thumb shifters. The front derailleur is made by Shimano, however, the rear derailleur is not.
  • This bike comes with fenders.

4# Firefox moment

Firefox Momentum is integrated with quality components that are less likely to be found in a cycle below the 20000 budget. This is why the Firefox brand is known for good service and quality products.

It is equipped with the Shimano Acera gear system, which has a higher quality notch compared to the tournament gear. The frame used in this cycle is comparable to that used in high-end bikes.

You can be sure of the components used in this cycle. It is available in matt blue.

5# Cosmic Trium

A great bike from a brand not so well known in India. Cosmic Trium is the best selling bicycle in India. This is simply because you get a lot of value for the money you pay for this bike. One of the best gear cycles in India under 20,000.

This ideal bike for men has a sporty and masculine look and comes in a soft steel frame, which also makes it strong and more durable. Its clean design is not only elegant but also offers superior performance and ride quality. The front fork provides good grip to control the front tyre, especially on uneven and bumpy terrain.

Trium is one of the incredible bikes manufactured by the Cosmic brand that is becoming very popular because of its MTBs.

However, since most of the value is derived from the high-quality components used in the bike. Some of the accessories are not so high quality. I would say that they should simply stop sending accessories and just focus on the bikes.

Cosmic Trium is an ideal MTB for an adventure ride or a leisure ride with friends. The 100 mm suspension compared to 60 mm in other cycles gives you a comfortable ride even on uneven and rough tracks.

If you get a broken water bottle, I don’t think it’s a big deal. The main thing I look for when I buy a bike is the quality of construction. I shouldn’t spend time repairing the bike. This product does the same thing. I’ll say just ignore the accessories (you can buy the better quality ones later and opt for this bike if you like it).

It is equipped with disc brakes and 21-speed gears, ensuring a smooth and safe ride. It comes equipped with 27.5-inch MTB tires embedded in double-alloy rims, which prevents slippage or wear. This Cosmic cycle has undeniably consolidated functionality, efficiency and durability.

It is equipped with Shimano EF-51 brake levers that make your cycle stop effortlessly. The cycle is durable and resistant, as it comes with a steel frame, handlebar and seat post.

Key features

  • The frame is made of mild steel.
  • It has 21 gears with Shimano Fire Shifano. Both the front and rear derailleur are from Shimano (Amazon and Flipkart are different variants. Therefore please refer to the product page for the exact product code)
  • The bike has a front suspension
  • Tyre size is 28 inches
  • The rear wheel has a disc brake, while the front wheel uses a normal wire brake system.
  • The bike comes with accessories such as bottle holder, water bottle, lock, front and rear light for the bike,

If looks are important to you, Cosmic Trium offers 5 colours to choose from.

6# Hero Skyper 26T 26 T Mountain / Rigid Cycle

The hero is a trusted brand in the Indian cycle industry and its products live up to this trust. This model of bike is ideal for the 15+ age group and is the most suitable cycle for men. It has a lightweight steel frame that makes it easy to handle and has a comfortable and ergonomic bicycle seat that makes the ride a smooth experience.

7# Montra Helicon Disc – Hybrid City Bike

Montra Helicon Disc will definitely lead the table for the best cycle in this category.

This bike also appeared on our best bikes in the Indian publication. As I said before. This bicycle not only looks like a beast but also works like one. I really liked the ride of the bike. It’s very well built and feels like a solid bike on bumpy roads.

A bike that captured the market when it was launched a couple of years ago, the Montra Helicon D is a name that has remained at the top of its category. This Montra hybrid bike has an alloy frame and is equipped with a 21-speed Shimano Tourney drive train. The bike has a rigid fork and mechanical disc brakes at the front and rear. The 27.5″ tires on this bike make it an excellent city-centered hybrid bike, capable of easily handling the toughest city roads.

Everything about this cycle is amazing, whether it’s the smooth gear changes or the powerful mechanical brakes or its 620mm wide XMR steel handlebar that gives you a comfortable driving position.

The full black colour of the bike adds to its charm. The tires are slippery enough to make your ride faster.

Its striking appearance and matt black colour is simply amazing. It’s also available in matt white and silver, but our personal suggestion would be its matt black colour.

Key features

  • This is the only bike on the list that has an alloy (aluminium 6061) frame. These frames are easier to maintain and generally lighter compared to normal steel frames.
  • The front and rear tyres are equipped with disc brakes.
  • Comes with 21 gears (Shimano)
  • The tires used are Kenda 27.5 inches
  • The bike has a rigid fork (no suspension)

It has no front suspension, but that’s not a big deal to worry about if most of your ride is on the curb, otherwise, it gives you extra speed compared to all the other suspension cycles.

8# MONTRA Centre (2018)

This Montra hybrid bike comes with a lightweight aluminium alloy frame and thin upper, lower and front tubes, making it easy to ride and ensuring an upright seating position. It is ideal for road sports. It comes with 21 speeds, disc brakes that help maintain balance. The gear levers are placed in a comfortable position for the hands.

The tyres are stylish and mounted on double-wall alloy wheels that provide faster driving and traction even on slightly muddy surfaces. The cycle is available in a single brand colour that is black with a striking, vibrant green. When it comes to its high price, quality components and performance make it worth every penny spent.


This Firefox hybrid bike has an alloy frame and comes equipped with a 21-speed Shimano Tourney transmission and V-brakes. In addition, the bike has a front suspension fork, allowing the bike to be used on rough city roads and flat, uneven trails. The bike has 700x35C tyres that are attached to double-wall alloy wheels. This bike is ideal for commuting, as well as for longer rides for exercise and recreation. Click here to make this bike yours.

Things to consider when buying a gear cycle

There are several factors involved in selecting a cycle, but it all comes down to what you need most and what is best for you. Let us guide you and help you make a decision. These are the factors we suggest you consider when buying one of the best cycles in the Indian market today.

Start by reducing the type of terrain you want to walk on. There are many kinds of cycles and understanding the purpose of your trip will help you narrow down your choice considerably. Try to find out how often you will travel and how often you will travel on roads or on an off-road adventure.

Understanding what you need from a cycle

Frame size: the cycle is made up of different parts, but the largest and most body-centred part is called the Frame. The frame is mainly made of metal, from aluminium to even steel and titanium. If you want to go overboard, you can even get one made of carbon fiber if you are willing to spend some extra money. The size of a frame comes into play when selecting a bike for yourself and taking into account your height. For most people, an 18-inch medium frame is ideal. If the size of your frame doesn’t match your height, then you could end up with a cycle that is too small or too large for you and could ruin your cycling experience. The next thing you want to find out is how strong and resilient the wheels are and how efficiently they can grip you while you ride your bike.

Wheel Size: The most popular wheel size in India varies around 26 inches if you plan to use your cycle quite a bit and with a significant amount of seriousness, you may want to invest in a size that is comfortable for your needs. A tire like the 26-inch one will be easy to clean and maintain.

Suspension: Suspension comes later. If you plan to drive over rough and rocky terrain, you’ll need strong suspension to smooth out your driving experience. The rougher the terrain, the more suspension you will need. Stronger and lower suspensions are still expensive, but they are also light and adjustable.

Gear system: When you buy a gear cycle, the most important part is the gear system itself. If you plan to ride on long roads that go uphill or downhill, it would be wise to invest in a cycle with a higher number of gears to make your experience easier and smoother.

Brakes: The final aspects you may want to consider are the brakes. These are classified into three types. The most common and frequent type is the disc brake and can be activated by cable or hydraulically. They provide extra weight to your tires, but provide unprecedented braking power and are by far the best type of brake to consider when buying a cycle.


We hope this piece has helped you to be more informed in your choices about buying a cycle for yourself. Now that you know the 5 best cycles to buy with Rs. 20000 we hope that you will make an informed decision and choose the cycle that best suits your needs and requirements. Balancing accessibility and strength of a cycle for you is what you know best, so get out there, try a few cycles for size and start riding!

Unfortunately, with the advent of more modern transport cars, cycling in India has taken a back seat and so has people’s enthusiasm for the sport. Thousands of mountain bikers and cyclists are striving to renew and spread awareness of the benefits of cycling instead of fuel-powered cars.

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